Before You Move In

Pitt ID

You should have received your Pitt ID in the mail over the summer. If not, you can contact or visit Panther Central when you get to campus, or before you plan to move in on Thursday, August 17th. Your Pitt ID will serve as your room key, so make sure you have this in hand before heading to your dorm on move-in day.

Housing Assignment

You should have been notified by the university of your dorm assignment. Please make sure you take a look at our campus map so you know where you are headed on move-in day. If you have not yet let us know which dorm you are living in, please do so here so that we can make sure we can meet you as you move in to your new home, and so that we can help you move in if you require any assistance.

Move-in Date and Time

All first year students registered and coming to FreshFest will be able to move in on Thursday, August 17th, from 11am to 4pm. If you require any additional time to move in, or would like to move in earlier than 11am, please contact Zach Berkowitz ([email protected]).

Parking Pass & Procedures

During arrival, you will place a parking pass on your dashboard so that we and the university know you are here for early move-in. Please make sure you download and print your official 2023 Pitt Arrival Parking Pass before you leave home.

You and your family will be able to park your vehicle on the street at a meter while you unload your car. After your car is unloaded, you will be asked to move your vehicle into long-term parking to ensure that the Arrival process is safe and efficient for all. Please reference Pitt’s Campus Arrival Map to plan where to unload and park your car.