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Taglit-Birthright Israel

Discover Israel with the Hillel JUC!
10 days, free, and appropriate for all Jewish Backgrounds.

See the old city, climb Masada, eat filafel, explore the Golan heights, float in the Dead Sea, experience the history of Tel Aviv, and sleep in a Bedouin tent.

Follow these steps to register:

  1. Fill out application at
    • If you've applied before, registration opens September 7 at noon
    • If it's your first time applying, registration opens September 8 at 10am
  2. Complete Part II of your application
    • Within 24-48 hours of registering, you will receive an email from Hillel with directions for completing application
  3. Make sure you have an up to date Passport
  4. Complete an interview with Hillel JUC staff

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