Every week, students gather at Hillel JUC and around campus to bring in Shabbat, unplug, and enjoy a unique Jewish experience.

Each Friday night students can join us at Hillel JUC, 4607 Forbes Avenue for a full kosher meal, free of charge. We have student led services before the meal, and frequently students will continue their evening together with an oneg either in the building or on campus!

We also offer DIY Shabbat experiences such as Thursday night “mock Shabbat,” Friday night dinner, Saturday Shabbat brunch or lunch, and Seudah Shlishit. Hillel JUC will provide students with food, ritual materials, and Shabbat coaching to help them provide a unique Shabbat experience in their homes or around campus!

For the 2018-2019 Academic Year, Shabbat at Hillel JUC will be held at:
4607 Forbes Avenue (Next to the Starbucks!)

August 24 – November 2
6:00 pm Services, 7:00 pm Dinner

November 9 – March 8
5:00 pm Services, 6:00 pm Dinner

March 15 – May 17
6:00 pm Services, 7:00 pm Dinner