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Hillel Jewish University Center of Pittsburgh (Hillel JUC)


Approximately 5,000 Jewish undergraduates, grad students and young adults are currently enrolled at a local Pittsburgh University or are living and working within a three mile radius of the Hillel JUC. Throughout their college years, Jewish students experience seemingly limitless opportunities for personal growth and exploration. They grapple with choices that will shape their identity and define their future. Hillel is ideally positioned to make a positive difference.

We encourage you to explore our web site and to learn about the wide range of exciting opportunities that Hillel makes available to engage and empower Jewish young adults. We ask you to join us as our partner in creating a vibrant community for all Jewish students and young adults in Pittsburgh.

The Hillel JUC is supported 100% through donations from parents, alumni and the Pittsburgh Jewish community. We do not ask for fees for service. We could not exist without your support. Help us to encourage the 5,000 students and young adults we serve to make a lifelong commitment to Jewish life and to our community by generously supporting the Hillel JUC today.

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