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Shabbat at Hillel

Shabbat and Holidays


The students of the Hillel JUC's Shabbat and Holidays Committee collaborate with staff to create vibrant, pluralistic, and engaging celebrations throughout the Jewish calendar year. Two of the key responsibilities of the Shabbat and Holidays Committee are working with other students to create themes for Shabbat dinners and helping to set up for Shabbat services and dinner.

Every Friday night, our Joseph Stern Building sees three simultaneous student-led services - Reform, Conservative and Orthodox so that all students can observe the day in comfort. Following services, over 160 students gather for a Shabbat meal. The students often plan the meals around special themes that include culinary, cultural, and educational topics. Afterwards, students are welcome to enjoy the spirit of the Sabath with friends in our game room, student lounge, and cafe.

On Saturday morning, students organize morning services followed by a light Kiddush. Some students choose to come to services and meals. Others may attend only services or only to join their friends for a Shabbat meal.