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Sample Personal Messages for Students
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Dear Family and Friends,

Many of you know that I attend Friday night dinner at Hillel almost every week. I can't explain how important it is to me – how I have found community here.  Shabbat dinner is free for me and all the other students EVERY week. I don't have to sign up and I can always count on it being there.

Help us to keep Shabbat dinner free and contribute to this STUDENT effort to raise the dollars needed.

The students are committed to assist in the fundraising efforts with a goal for each of us to raise $500.  There are 50 of us working toward this, and we plan to succeed and contribute $25,000 toward the cost of our dinners == which will total $80,000 this year!  The rest comes from our generous community donors!

By the way – there is a contest and the student who raises the most money will win an amazing prize!

Please help me reach my goal.


Subject: Please support my efforts

I'm raising money for The Hillel Jewish University Center of Pittsburgh - please make a donation by visiting my Firstgiving page:

Every Friday night during the academic year, 150+ students gather together at the Hillel Jewish University Center for a Shabbat Dinner. Shabbat dinner is free for me and all the other students EVERY week. But costs are now increasing, and we must raise additional funds so that these dinners can remain free.

Please visit my page to learn more. Thank you in advance and please forward it onto anyone else who may be interested in supporting me.