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Can I fly to Israel on my own and meet the group there?

Can I fly to Israel on my own and meet the group there?

The Birthright Israel trip begins when you meet your group at the airport prior to your departure. You may not leave prior to your group’s departure date from the United States/Canada and meet your group in Israel.

Can I extend my stay in Israel?

Yes, you can extend your stay in Israel for a fee determined by the airline you are flying with. You cannot, however, leave prior to the departure date and meet up with the group in Israel. Changes to be made by the students him/herself. The students still must come to the airport on day of… read more

What is the role of Birthright Israel?

Birthright Israel works with Trip Organizers to provide the gift of a free 10-day trip to Israel. Birthright Israel coordinates all air travel, sets high educational and quality standards, procedural guidelines, security policies for all programs and performs extensive quality control reviews of every trip. The 10-day trip is developed and implemented by individual Trip… read more

Am I eligible if I was born in Israel?

If you were born in Israel or have ever held Israeli citizenship or an Israeli passport, you are not eligible unless you prove by official documentation that you left Israel before the age of 12. If you are accepted to the program you will need to obtain army exemption papers from your local Israeli consulate.

Who is eligible for Birthright?

The Birthright Israel gift is open to all Jewish young adults, ages 18 to 26 who have not participated on a peer educational trip since they turned 18 nor lived in Israel past the age of 12.

Who are the founders of Birthright Israel?

Birthright Israel was a program founded by Charles Bronfman and Michael Steinhardt in 1999 to address the growing divide between Diaspora Jewish youth and the land and the people of Israel.

When will I get my deposit back?

A few days after returning home after the trip, you will get an e-mail in regards to the getting your deposit back electronically.

What is the deposit for?

Each participant must pay a deposit, which can be fully refunded or donated afterwards. The deposit is up to $250 USD, depending on which country you are from. This deposit serves a few purposes. During the application process, it acts as one of a few measures designed to reflect the fact that an applicant is… read more

Do I need a passport?

Yes. You cannot go on this trip without a passport. The passport must be valid for 6 months after returning from Israel.

Do I need to have health insurance?

It is mandatory for all birthright participants to have health insurance for the duration of the trip. Health insurance will be submitted on their application.

What if I don’t speak Hebrew?

It’s not a problem. Most people that go on birthright don’t. Most Israelis speak English so you’ll be able to communicate with them! Also, Tour Educators are fluent in Hebrew and English so they can help you if you need it!

Will this be a religious trip?

Hillel trips provide opportunities for students to celebrate Jewish life together and you won’t be required to join in organized religious activities. In addition, Kosher food will be served at all tour-sponsored activities and there will be no travel scheduled on the Jewish Sabbath. There will be B’nai Mitzvah ceremony for students that want to… read more

What is the program? Will we have free time?

Birthright Israel is a fun-filled experience that involves extensive touring of Israel, interactive discussions, recreational activities, and time to hang out with friends. If you have specific questions, please contact Brian at [email protected]!