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Is there kosher dining on campus?

Is there kosher dining on campus?

Hillel JUC works closely with both the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University to ensure that kosher food is available to all students. All kosher food on campus is supervised by the Vaad Harabanim of Greater Pittsburgh and their hechsher and/or mashgiach will be present as appropriate. In addition, all food served at Hillel JUC… read more

How do students get involved with Hillel JUC? Are there membership fees?

Any student on campus can participate in Hillel JUC sponsored events. There are no membership fees and students are encouraged to plan and/or attend as little or as many programs and activities as they wish. Programs are supported by Parents, Alumni and the Jewish community of Pittsburgh. If you have an idea for a program… read more

What kind of student programs and groups does Hillel JUC Facilitate at CMU and Pitt?

The Hillel JUC runs a wide array of programs designed to enhance the Jewish awareness of our students including spiritual, cultural, historic, and Israel-based programming. We have two student boards, one from CMU and one from Pitt. While the boards operate autonomously, they work collaboratively on three committees including Jewish education, social justice and Shabbat… read more

How many Jewish students are there on campus in Pittsburgh?

There are approximately 1,600 Jewish undergraduate students at The University of Pittsburgh (Pitt), about 8.5% of the undergraduate student population. At Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) there are approximately 400 Jewish undergraduate students, about 6.5% of the undergraduate student population. There are approximately 600 Jewish graduate students at CMU, Pitt and Duquesne University combined.