Hello, Hillel JUC Student Leaders!


Welcome to your ONE-STOP SITE for all-things Hillel Student Leadership.



Here you’ll find information about, resources on, and how-to’s for:

  • Leadership involvements in Hillel JUC’s student-run communities (or starting your own)

  • Opportunities for leadership, professional, and personal development

  • Active participation in planning and preparing programs, events, and initiatives

  • Assisting with Hillel JUC’s Orientation Week events to welcome incoming first-year students

  • Attending the annual Hillel JUC Leadership Accelerator Orientation Week Conference (open to all of our students!)

Resources for Community Leaders & Program Planning

HiLA Orientation Week Conference & Guest-Speaker Dinners

  • Schedule for Guest-Speaker Dinners

  • Help Welcome Our Incoming First-Year Students! (And Move-In Early On-Campus!)

  • 2019 Student Leaders Retreat

Resources for Jewish Learning

Other Opportunities