General FAQs

  • Can I fly to Israel on my own and meet the group there?

  • What will the accommodations be like on the trip?

  • Can I drink alcohol on a Birthright trip?

  • Can I extend my stay in Israel?

  • What is the role of Birthright Israel?

  • Am I eligible if I was born in Israel?

  • Who is eligible for Birthright?

  • Who are the founders of Birthright Israel?

Registration/Logistics FAQs

  • How is the deposit paid?

  • When will I get my deposit back?

  • What is the deposit for?

  • I went to register, but it only asked me a few basic questions like name and e-mail. Is that all I need to do?

  • Do I need a passport?

  • What if I am unable to go last minute?

  • Do I need to have health insurance?

Trip FAQs

  • When will I get my airline ticket?

  • What if I don’t speak Hebrew?

  • Will I be able to meet with my friends and family during the duration of the trip?

  • Will this be a religious trip?

  • What is the program? Will we have free time?