Hillel JUC Perspectives is a fully subsidized trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories offered to exceptional CMU and Pitt student leaders interested in exploring socio-political aspects of the region. This program is designed to break stereotypes and move away from polarizing soundbites, giving students the incredible opportunity to learn firsthand about the history, land, cultures, people, and conflict of Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Current first, second, and third-year undergraduate students holding top-tier leadership positions of significant influence in the Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh community are invited to apply below for this selective opportunity. Further information about the trip is below.

JUC Perspectives Trip

  • WHO: 20-25 Pitt and CMU student leaders of significant influence, including a mix of Jewish and non-Jewish students (Undergraduate Sophomores and Juniors preferred, but Undergraduate Freshmen and non-Graduating Seniors may also apply)
  • WHEN: May 11-22, 2023
  • WHERE: Discover Israeli and Palestinian territories, where you will meet with Israeli and Palestinian representatives and public figures from different ethnic, religious, and cultural minorities, as well as visiting historic and holy sites for Muslims, Christians, and Jews
  • WHAT: Gain a deeper understanding of Israeli culture and society, the regional geopolitical conflict, and the long history of the region, while becoming a campus ally and partner to the Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh Jewish communities. Connect with fellow student leaders while traveling through, experiencing first hand, and discussing the deep complexities of this historic land.
  • COST: $0, including international travel to and from a New York-area airport, private motorcoach with driver and tour guide, luxurious accommodations each night, and all listed activities and meals on the itinerary (at least two meals included each day). Associated costs may apply. See our FAQ below.


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