Campus Engagement Internship

Affectionately known as CEIs, these Pitt students meet with students to learn about their diverse array of Jewish interests, passions, and stories. They’re always happy to treat a peer to free coffee, tea or frozen yogurt, while chatting on campus.

Applications for the August 2018-May 2019 Campus Engagement Internship are now open! Please review the position description and contact Jodi Tandet at [email protected] with any questions.

CEI Application 2018-2019

  • Please list which campus student groups or activities you are currently involved in, with a brief description of how you're involved (including any leadership positions).
  • If you answered yes to the above, please list the company/organization, your position title, a brief description of your duties, and approximately how many total hours per week you'll dedicate to the job/internship
  • Note: This can include events run by Hillel-affiliated student groups, such as Panthers for Israel, Challah for Hunger or Jews of Social Work.
  • Previous Engagement Institutes have been held at The Washington University in St. Louis, though Hillel International may change the location this year. All expenses, including travel, food and a university dorm room accommodation, will be covered. Being unable to attend Engagement Institute will NOT disqualify candidates from becoming interns, though attendance is highly rewarding and beneficial.
  • Why does this internship interest you? How do you see it fitting in with your goals, passions and experiences? What skills, opportunities or insights do you hope to gain from it? (please limit your answer to approximately 100-300 words)
  • Every student has their own unique connection to Judaism, sometimes influenced by their family, education, summer camp, B'nai Mitzvot, travel, home traditions, campus experiences or interfaith interactions. At Hillel, we love celebrating the diverse variety of Jewish journeys! Tell us your own story: what sort of Jewish experiences have you had and how have they shaped you as a person? Is there anything you still hope to learn, discover or explore? (please limit your answer to 100-300 words)
  • Please hit "submit" to send in your application. All applicants will be contacted by the end of March. Finalists will be brought in for a 30-minute interview.

Please remember to review the position description!