Hillel JUC Passover 2023/ 5783

Chag Sameach! We are so excited to celebrate Passover with all Jewish college students in Pittsburgh. Please see below for sign up and information about our Seder and meal opportunities.

Passover Prep | March 27th – April 11th, 2023

Find us on campus at Pitt and CMU before and during Passover to pick up Kosher for Passover snacks to have in your dorm! We will have matzah, fruit, soup packets, Passover candies, and more. Please see @hillelatpitt @cmuhillel and @hilleljuc on Instagram for more information about Passover snacks that will be available on campus at various times throughout the week.

First Night Seder | Wednesday April 5th, 2023

Pitt Hillel & Chabad Seder on Campus at O’Hara Student Center | 8pm

Join us for a large, joyous, and delicious seder with the entire Pitt Jewish community! We will make it through the whole Haggadah, with some special Pitt and student touches worked in.

CMU Seder at Hillel JUC | 6:30pm

Join us for a uniquely CMU Seder experience! Each year, this seder is written by students, featuring all of your traditional seder favorite readings and melodies as well. This seder is also open to students from all campuses who prefer a more intimate seder experience.

DIY Second Night Seder | Thursday April 6th, 2023

For the second night seder, we are excited to offer a DIY option! Whether you’re just looking for a Kosher for Passover meal for yourself, or would like to host a group of friends at your dorm/ apartment, we are happy to provide all of the resources you need to host your own seder at home or on your own.

Passover Chol HaMoed & Chag Lunches

We are happy to offer Kosher for Passover catered lunches at Hillel during the week of Passover. Join us just for lunch, or stay for Pesach-themed Jewish Learning with Cantor Stefanie!

Shabbat Chol HaMoed Pesach | Friday April 7th, 2023

Services at 5:45pm, Dinner at 6:30pm at Hillel JUC

Shabbat Chol HaMoed Pesach | Saturday April 8th, 2023

Please contact Cantor Stefanie at [email protected] if you would like to be hosted by a Jewish family in Squirrel Hill for Lunch!

Passover on the Hillel Hub

We have lots of other Passover programming at Hillel JUC! Please visit the Hillel Hub to see DIY Seders, Jewish Learning opportunities, and more!