Take a break from Finals Week and join CMU-Hillel for an Almost-Midnight Breakfast event celebrating Hanukkah! We’ll light the candles together, have some cereal, and play some games.

Do you want a Hanukkah Gift-Bag mailed to you? Fill out the following request form, and we’ll send you a Tin Menorah, a Box of Candles, a Dreidel, Chocolate Gelt, Cereal, and a few more Hanukkah Gifts! Deadline to request a Hanukkah Gift-Bag is Tuesday, December 1st.

  • Where can you receive a package during the first two weeks of December?
  • Enrolled at school or taking time off? Living local in Pittsburgh? If so, where? And when will you be arriving here? Attending courses remote-only from outside Pittsburgh? If so, where?