In a world filled with turmoil and confusion, there is one question that is on all of our minds: What kugel is the best kugel?? We are here to finally put this question to rest. On October 24th, four great debaters will come together to argue which is best: apple, noodle, potato or no kugel at all. Who will win? Tune in to find out.

Zoom Link:

Join us for Havdalah at 7:30 on zoom before the debate, and stick around to be entered in a raffle for a Hillel hammock, picnic blanket, or t-shirt!

If you have not yet joined a Kugel Team, be sure to do so at:
– to join #TeamPotato, represented by debater Jonah Dubin
– to join #TeamApple, represented by debater Daniel Glazer
– to join #TeamNoodle, represented by debater Sophie Paul
– to join #TeamNoKugel (or #NoneOfTheseKugelOptions), represented by debater Yael Canaan