Let’s bring more light into our lives! Join us to light candles every night of Hanukkah.

  • Sunday, December 2nd, Lighting the 1st Candle -5:00 PM CMU Candle Lighting in CUC Dowd & 7:00 PM Candle Lighting in the WPU Assembly Room (with Chabad at Pitt – See fb.com/events/329149550972806)
  • Monday, December 3rd, Lighting the 2nd Candle – 5:00 PM at Hillel JUC with Andrey, Israel Fellow
  • Tuesday, December 4th, Lighting the 3rd Candle – 5:00 PM at Hillel JUC with Alex & Matthew
  • Wednesday, December 5th, Lighting the 4th Candle – 7:30 PM Hannukah Party at Hillel JUC (hosted by JLF)
  • Thursday, December 6th, Lighting the 5th Candle -5:30 PM CMU Communal Candle Lighting by The Fence (with Chabad of CMU – See fb.com/events/1759821000789573) & 5:30 PM Candle Lighting with Challah for Hunger at Hillel JUC
  • Friday, December 7th, Lighting the 6th Candle – 4:35 PM Shabbat at Hillel JUC & 4:35 PM CMU OnCampus Shabbat in the CUC Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion
  • Saturday, December 8th, Lighting the 7th Candle – 5:38 PM Havdalah at Hillel JUC with Alex
  • Sunday, December 9th, Lighting the 8th and Last Candle – 5:00 PM at Hillel JUC with Danielle