Join our whole Jewish campus community in a special “Shabbat Across Campus” with individual, communal Shabbat meals hosted by your peers! If you are interested in hosting a Shabbat meal, please fill out the below form BY 2 PM on Friday, November 2nd. If you have any questions about hosting a Shabbat meal or are looking to join a Shabbat experience, please contact Danielle Kranjec at [email protected]

Host a Shabbat Meal!

Please fill out the following form BY 2 PM on Friday, November 2nd to host a Shabbat meal during “Shabbat Across Campus” taking place on Friday, November 9th 2018.

Check out the Menu HERE!

  • If yes, please provide the community name (i.e. Jewish students in your fraternity, sorority, major, etc.).
  • Number of total guests you are hosting for Shabbat, including yourself.
  • If off-campus, please include the address.
  • Person picking up the meal, if different than the host.
  • Contact number for person picking up the meal.
  • Please send an email to Danielle Kranjec at [email protected] with information about your Shabbat experience and any questions you may have.