Relationship-based engagement is critical to our work at Hillel where:

  • We strive to enrich the lives of every Jewish student so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world
  • We envision a world where every Jewish student is inspired to make an enduring commitment to their Jewish identity, to Jewish Life, to Jewish Learning, and to Israel.

Towards this mission and vision, Hillel seeks to engage every Jewish student in a meaningful Jewish experience, including authentic support by Hillel staff and authentic peer-networking by Hillel student leaders.

In terms of using a CMU-Hillel Networking Meal Card, each expense/transaction must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be for the purpose of Hillel Networking – meaning any meaningful interaction/gathering/event related to CMU Jewish Life or in support of a CMU student’s Jewish identity
  2. Be recorded into Hillel’s Engagement CRM – Students without access to the CRM must fill out THIS FORM! (
  3. Be hosted by Hillel Staff or Hillel-involved student leadership – who must ensure the interaction/gathering/event (a) is Jewishly content-rich, (b) can, as appropriate, share relevant opportunities/supports/communities provided by Hillel, and (c) is a safe, supportive, inclusive, comfortable, and meaningful experience.
  4. Be in compliance with the below COVID-19 Policy and Kashrut/Kosher & Beverage/Food Policy