Whether you’re interested in a leadership role within a Hillel student-run community (or possibly starting a new community), becoming a student intern, or just interested in leadership development workshops, you’ll find all of these opportunities at Hillel JUC!

You can see all of our existing Hillel Student-Run Communities, our Learning Cohorts,  and our Internship Cohorts on our Student Groups Page. Click the “More Info” button to see the group’s contact info.

Below are our Student Governance communities who oversee all our student-run groups! 

Interested in starting a new community? Reach out to the staff member on your campus!

Student Governance Groups

Below are our various Internship Cohorts! Click them to see more information and if we are accepting applications!

Internship Cohorts

Hillel JUC’s Student Leaders, those involved in leading our student-run communities, in our learning cohorts, and in our internship cohorts, are invited to participate in Hillel JUC’s Leadership Accelerator, a leadership education, and development program!